Michael Bailey
An Associate Professor at the University of Illinois. His research contributes to the sciences of computer security, network architecture and design, network protocols, and distributed systems.
Josh Mason
A Research Scientist whose research interests tend to center around systems and network security, with occasional trysts into natural language processing and machine learning. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Johns Hopkins University.
Zane Ma
Zane is a third year Ph.D. candidate interested in Internet-scale measurement for informing and assessing security practices. He is particularly interested in studying trust-based networks and systems.
Deepak Kumar
Deepak is a scond year Ph.D. student with an interest in the intersection between distributed systems, networks and computer security. He also has a knack for tricking faculty into thinking he’s more senior than he is.
Joshua Reynolds
Joshua is a first year PhD student who usually wears plaid. He is interested in rooting out false security assumptions that we all take for granted. He believes it is wrong to exploit others' computer ignorance, and that 'tis noble to defend.
Paul Murley
A first year PhD student.
Seoung-kyun (Simon) Kim
A PhD student studying computer science. Simon is mainly interested in network security, forensics, and IT infrastructure management.
Mika Latimer
A Master’s student whose research focuses on leveraging low-level machine and operating system features to improve virtualization security.
Alex Mitsdarfer
A Master's student in Computer Engineering. Alex's interests include computer and network security, embedded systems, and reverse engineering.
Zhengping Wang
A Master's student in ECE. His research interest is cloud computing.