Michael Bailey
An Associate Professor at the University of Illinois. His research contributes to the sciences of computer security, network architecture and design, network protocols, and distributed systems.
Josh Mason
A Research Scientist whose research interests tend to center around systems and network security, with occasional trysts into natural language processing and machine learning. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Johns Hopkins University.
Zane Ma
Zane is a Ph.D. candidate interested in Internet-scale measurement for informing and assessing security practices, practical systems cryptography, and general network and systems security.
Deepak Kumar
Deepak is a first year Ph.D. student with an interest in the intersection between distributed systems, networks and computer security. He also has a knack for tricking faculty into thinking he’s more senior than he is.
Mika Latimer
A Master’s student whose research focuses on leveraging low-level machine and operating system features to improve virtualization security.
Zhengping Wang
A Master's student in ECE. His research interest is cloud computing.
Alex Mitsdarfer
A Master's student in Computer Engineering. Alex's interests include computer and network security, embedded systems, and reverse engineering.
Seoung-kyun (Simon) Kim
A Master's student studying computer science. Simon is mainly interested in network security, forensics, and IT infrastructure management.